Tuesday, 11 October 2016


This questionnaire helped me to understand and develop and acknowledge which type of learner I am, this is very helpful in my opinion.

one of my personal hobbies which fills me with joy is collecting rocks, plants and other wildlife. this is an activity I share with my family on Christmas day. it is hard to collect items whilst it is snowing and cold. however we percerviere

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  1. Well done for creating your blog and writing this first post, Israr. I found it very interesting, particularly your description of your hobby. Perhaps you could post images of your collection on your blog?

    It was good to see that you used the Word for the Day in this paragraph. However, it is not spelled correctly. If you look at your post, it should appear with a red squiggly line underneath it. If you right click on the word it will give you the correct spelling. However, be careful! Spell check does not pick up every incorrect spelling.

    Try to make sure that you use a capital letter at the beginning of every sentence (see the second paragraph). Remember to proof read your posts before or after you have published to correct errors of this type.

    I would be interested to know if you think the results of the quiz were correct.

    The results suggest you are a kinaesthetic learner who prefers learning by doing practical activities. Would this be correct? Can you give examples of how this kind of activity has helped you learn in the past?